2021 Annual VIA: Jason Dimmick

When the COVID-19 delta surge struck ATRMC, Dimmick was in the trenches alongside his team.

As the COVID-19 delta variant swept through Asante hospitals this past summer, intensive care staffs bore the brunt of the surge. They worked punishing hours to try to save the lives of the region’s sickest patients, and had to say goodbye to too many of them.

Among those frontline heroes was Jason Dimmick, clinical supervisor of ATRMC’s intensive and intermediate care units. ATRMC was especially hard hit as the virus peaked, giving Dimmick a multitude of responsibilities — from caring for patients to caring for the employees he supervises.

His extraordinary commitment has earned him the 2021 Annual Values in Action award, Asante’s highest honor.

“Jason knew that more was being asked of his team than had ever been asked before,” said Kristen Arrigotti, a discharge nurse in the ICU. “He spent over 80 hours per week in the hospital, supporting staff however he could.”

On a rare day at play, Jason and Heather Dimmick tried out a zipline.

Dimmick covered charge nurse duties, made sure everyone got food and put on PPE to help out in patients’ rooms.

“He would spend hours of his day to make sure we were staffed well,” Arrigotti said. “This was not an easy task.”

Dimmick, a registered nurse, has been with Asante 10 years, much of that time as a charge nurse in the ICU. Last year, he was promoted to supervisor.

Dimmick posed for this shot on his last night shift as an ICU charge nurse before becoming a supervisor. It wouldn’t, however, be the last time he had to don PPE.

“I can’t express enough how grateful I am to work with Jason,” said his manager, Jenna Williams.

In appreciation, Dimmick received a charcuterie box, flowers, badge backer, gift card and crystal award commemorating his VIA.

In his remarks during the Nov. 2 award event, Dimmick thanked his wife, Heather, for “holding down the house” during his long shifts. He also explained why he devoted so many hours to his job during the surge.

“As leaders we shouldn’t be asking anyone to do more than what we’re willing to do ourselves. Most of my staff who were working 60 to 70 hours a week were doing it to help take care of our patients. That level of teamwork is what helps keep the ICU and the IMCU together.”


Current role: Supervisor, intensive and intermediate care units

Location: ATRMC

With Asante: 10 years

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  • Linda Lamoreau
    December 7, 2021 11:44 am

    Awesome job Jason. I’m not surprised you live all our Asante values every day .
    We are so blessed to have you in our Asante family.
    Nicely done on the Zip line. I will need to try that one day, do they go 5 feet off the ground also?

  • Congratulations Jason! 🙂

  • kudos Jason.. Just love that big ol smile.. You are one of asantes finest.. 🙂


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