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A new year brings a merit pay increase

Despite the financial challenges of 2020, Asante will again provide eligible employees with an annual merit adjustment. The raise arrives in the Jan. 22 paycheck.

Despite 2020 being one of the most difficult and challenging years Asante has experienced, the leaders decided to once again award merit adjustments.

Effective Jan. 3, eligible employees will receive a merit adjustment based on their annual performance rating and placement within their pay range.

Those long-tenured employees at the top of the pay range will receive a lump-sum bonus as Asante has provided in the past. Wage increases will be seen on the Jan. 22 paycheck.

Merit adjustments typically are given in October, but the financial effects of COVID-19 and the September wildfires prompted a delay.

“We are pleased to be able to continue to recognize employees’ individual contributions to the organization,” said Alicia Lorenz, director, HR Administration and Employee and Labor Relations. “We appreciate all you accomplished during 2020.”

Leaders should be providing employees with the details of their increase in the coming days.

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