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A new year, a new voice of Asante

ARRMC emergency nurse Heather Hodge will record the system’s hundreds of automated messages and phone options.

In 2021, anyone calling Asante’s hospitals, clinics and offices will hear a new voice for automated instructions and hold messages. The voice belongs to Heather Hodge, a nurse in ARRMC’s Emergency Department, who beat out 44 other applicants to become the new voice of Asante.

The Contact Center, which manages Asante’s phone system, held a systemwide contest this past fall to replace Jerrye Wright, the velvety voiced director of nursing for AACH, who has been Asante’s unofficial recording artist for the past three years. Wright retires on Jan. 5.

The center decided against hiring professional voice performers, knowing that among Asante’s 6,500 employees there would be many who had the right stuff just as, well, Wright did.

“It seemed more appropriate to use someone from within the Asante family,” said director Patty Kroloff.

Forty-five employees auditioned by sending in voice recordings of standard phone scripts. A judging panel of 82 employees and 13 executives voted on their favorites. Hodge came out on top.

“She sounded clear and concise,” Kroloff said.

The position offers only bragging rights, but that’s good enough for Hodge, who has worked for Asante for five years. She auditioned for the role because it sounded “unique and fun.”

“I absolutely love working for Asante and I wanted to be more involved in the Asante community,” Hodge said. “It truly feels like family here; I’m thankful and proud to be a part of such an exceptional team of kind, hard-working people who care about helping others.”

Hodge’s voice won’t appear on all of Asante’s phone recordings, which would have required re-recording of thousands of existing messages. Instead, Hodge will record new messages as the need arises.

“I’m honored,” she said, “to be chosen and looking forward to being the new voice of Asante!”

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