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A new way to health (incentives) in 2022

The Healthy Living Incentive program replaces Know Your Numbers — and gives you money toward your health expenses.

The new Asante Healthy Living Incentive program took effect on Jan. 1, which means employees and their covered spouse can earn up to a combined $650 toward their HealthEquity account.

The program replaces Know Your Numbers so no annual biometric screening is needed. Instead, employees may complete a Personalized Wellness Plan with an Asante health coach anytime during 2022 and earn up to $400 to be deposited into their HealthEquity account (and up to an additional $250 for enrolled spouses).

The Personalized Wellness Plan involves two steps: an online health assessment and a 15-minute phone visit with an Asante health coach. The visit can be scheduled through MyChart and you may choose which coach you’d like to work with.

To get started:

  • Log in to your Asante MyChart account.
  • Select Visits > Schedule an appointment > Tell us why you’re coming in > Personalized Wellness Plan.
  • Select a provider (coach) and choose an appointment time.
  • At the prompt, complete the two-minute Healthy Lifestyle Assessment. This should be done before your appointment.

On the day of your phone visit you’ll need to check in in advance through MyChart.

Managed by Asante Health Promotion, the program can involve just that single visit or up to eight free sessions a year if you choose. Your coach can help you set goals for the year, make an action plan, learn skill-power over willpower and more. These additional sessions are not required to earn the financial incentive, but they can help you learn skills to improve your health and well-being.

Healthy Living Incentive FAQs »

The Asante Healthy Living Incentive Program involves a range of rewards employees and their spouses can earn. Besides the Personalized Wellness Plan, those who complete an age-appropriate preventive exam and an interactive program through Regence Empower can earn additional contributions.

Unlike Know Your Numbers, this incentive does not offset health premiums. Instead it can be spent on any eligible health expense, such as office visit co-pays, pharmacy, lab services and more. In addition, it is distributed as a lump sum instead of as a semimonthly payroll credit. The amount of the annual incentive, however, is similar to the credit given in Know Your Numbers.

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