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200 reasons to get a flu shot

Asante avoided a flu/COVID “twindemic,” but there are still plenty of reasons to get immunized by the March 31 deadline — and qualify for a PEAK incentive.

The large numbers of influenza cases seen during a typical flu season never materialized this year, proving the effectiveness of masking, physical distancing and sanitizing in preventing the spread of viruses. These protective measures helped us avoid the feared “twindemic” of an influenza outbreak along with the COVID-19 pandemic.

So why are employees still encouraged to get the shot before the March 31 deadline?

“The flu season isn’t over yet,” said Kirsten Schutte, MD, infectious disease physician and medical director of Asante Infection Prevention. “While the flu season often peaks between December to February, influenza may continue to circulate in the United States through May. And as people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 may start to gather indoors in small groups and without masks, in accordance with the CDC’s guidance, we may once again start to see cases of influenza in our community rise.”

Here are some more reasons to receive the flu vaccine from the CDC:

  • Flu vaccination can keep you from getting sick with flu.
  • Children, working-age adults and the elderly are less likely to be hospitalized from flu if they’re vaccinated.
  • Flu vaccination can help prevent chronic health conditions such as heart disease and COPD from getting worse.
  • It also helps to protect women during and after pregnancy.
  • Vaccination significantly lowers a child’s risk of dying from flu.
  • By getting vaccinated yourself, you’re protecting those around you.

If that isn’t persuasive enough, eligible employees stand to earn a $200 PEAK bonus if the workforce reaches 90% immunization by March 31. So far, the systemwide total is stuck at about 80% — nearly 600 more employees would need to be immunized — which makes it unlikely that the goal will be reached for this fiscal year. To get your flu shot and this year’s badge ring, contact Asante Employee Health at (541) 789-5008.

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  • So sad to see what a large number of Asante employees will not take this proven protective step. Not to mention resulting in leaving money on the table, also affecting those of us who did received the flu vaccine.


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