10 things to know about Brittany Bachtel

The new Finance manager loves travel, dogs and Taylor Swift.

In an ongoing series, Asante News features leaders who have recently joined the organization or employees who have been promoted to a manager, director or executive position.

From climbing the highest mountain in the contiguous United States to being a Swiftie, Brittany Bachtel’s rich and varied interests make a good fit for Asante. A Southern Oregon native, she joined the Finance Department in July.

Here are 10 things to know about Brittany Bachtel:

What inspires her:  “I have always been intrigued and inspired by people who are at the top of their game and apply their work ethic to other aspects of their lives. I was a huge fan of Kobe Bryant for his work ethic and how that was beginning to translate into the business arena. I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift as well. Not only do I love her music, but I love how she speaks her mind, stands up for what she believes in, and has developed an amazing real estate portfolio.”

Last book read: “I have been working my way through old classics. The last one I read was ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Brontë.”

Childhood dream job: “I wanted to be all kinds of things, but the top three that come to mind are a marine biologist, physical therapist and a lawyer.”

Brittany BachtelOn her bucket list: “Learning a second language, attending a summer Olympics, competing on ‘Survivor,’ and traveling the world.”

Most memorable travel experience: “My husband and I recently traveled to Italy for our honeymoon. We plan on going back. We fell in love with the food and the history.”

 Favorite animal: “My favorite animal is a dog. Our dog, Matilda, is a part of the family. She is so loyal and sweet.”

 Cuisine she can’t you live without: “I couldn’t live without Mexican or Italian food. Yum!”

 Best bingeworthy TV series: “Probably ‘Survivor’ or ‘The Kardashians.’”

 What would surprise people about you? I’ve climbed the tallest mountain in the continental United States — Mt. Whitney.

 Music she’d bring on a desert island: “‘Reputation’ by Taylor Swift or ‘Multiply’ by Ed Sheeran.”


Current position

Manager, Asante Finance

Past roles

Accounting operations manager, GP Energy, Grants Pass

Accounting/payroll manager, Listo Tax Solutions, Medford

Operations administrator, Cutler Investment Group, Jacksonville


Bachelor of Science, business administration, Southern Oregon University

Fidelity retirement reps to be on-site in September
Auxiliary: 70 years and still going strong

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