10 steps to keep up a healthy lifestyle in hectic times

The pandemic workload and late-summer activities can halt your momentum. Here’s how to stay on track.


Things are busier than ever, with the pandemic workload, late-summer vacations and back-to-school preparations. All this activity can derail us from our healthy lifestyle habits. Momentum in our wellness journey — whether unhealthy or healthy — builds and drives our habits.

The list below may help you build and sustain positive momentum. We’ve embedded some links to Asante resources and beWell webinars just for you!

  1. Set a routine. Setting a routine is a great way to stay on track and feel more organized. Once you have set a routine and determined when you will have free time throughout your day, you can then start adding in some fitness or relaxation activities that will fit with your schedule. If you need help with action planning, schedule a Personalized Wellness Plan visit.
  2. Meal prep. While meal prepping can seem intimidating, we promise it’s a life-saver — and it’s definitely a time-saver. Pick one night a week to go to the grocery store and cook meals for the rest of the week. On a busy morning, you can just grab your breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the fridge and be ready to go. Another perk of meal prepping is that you won’t overeat because your food portions are already pre-set for you. For some healthy food prep inspiration, check out our beWell Healthy Recipes Page. Also, check out Food Prepping for Healthy Habits with health educator Alisia Cook.
  3. Pick a gym nearby. It really doesn’t matter how fancy a gym is if it’s too far a drive from your office or home. You simply won’t go to the gym if it’s out of the way and you only have 45 minutes before you need to get home. Pick a gym that is a close drive from either your office or your home so that “not having enough time” won’t be an excuse to skip for the day. Take a look at Asante’s offering for Fitness Facility Discounts in the Rogue Valley.
  4. Limit screen time. Take a break from staring at screens all day. Get up and move away from your work computer every couple of hours. Also be sure to limit your time in front of the TV or your phone. Try reading or taking a walk during your free time rather than sitting in front of a screen. Learn more about balancing Remote Work and Digital Addiction with our VP of Human Resources, Robert Begg.
  5. Go to bed earlier. This way you can wake up earlier. Waking up early is great for your morning routine. You will have time to cook a healthy breakfast or take your dog for a walk. You will also be getting more sleep and wake up feeling more energized. Learn more about Sleep and Hormone Regulation  from an Asante insomnia educator, Michael Schwartz.
  6. Micro workouts. There are plenty of opportunities to get your heart rate up throughout the day. Try doing light exercises at your desk such as leg raises or chair squats. You can even try a 10-minute workout during your lunch break! It will help keep you energized and focused when you return. Remember to stretch! Learn more with Lower Body Strength and Stretches with health educator Mindy Bath.
  7. Meditate. Meditating for even 10 minutes can make all the difference. You can meditate anywhere at any time. Try meditation right when you wake up or as soon as you get home for work. It’s a great way to relieve stress and keep your mental health in balance. Learn from clinical practice adviser Jennifer Nidalmia how our brains change when we meditate with the Benefits of Meditation.
  8. Move around at work. Try making a standing desk or have walking meetings. Use any breaks to your advantage to get in as many steps as you can. Take the stairs and walk over to a coworker to ask a question, rather than a phone call or email. Perhaps try something new, like Qi Gong. Eileen Stiles, NP-C, guides us through a variety of Qi Gong movements and the importance of them.
  9. Reserve at least 15 minutes a day for “me time.” This can consist of whatever it is that makes you feel happy or relaxed. Take a bath, read a book or even finish that craft project you’ve been “too busy” to work on. Kitty Sallas, health educator, discusses ways to prioritize and manage the business of our daily schedules and lives with Essentialism and Time Management.
  10. Combine healthy time with family time. Spending quality time with your family is important for your health as well. Invite them to join you in your wellness routine. Check out ways to improve Family Food Culture and Make Healthy Swaps with health educator Alisia Cook and Shea Quinn, APP patient experience program coordinator.
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